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Some interesting visitors to my workbench: 

I collect photos of notable units I work on.  Some highly regarded and sought after, others worthy but unappreciated, and some unique manifestations of audiophilia.

A great performer, the McIntosh MX-110 tuner preamplifier

From Belgium a Velleman K4000 - 95 watts per channel from a forest of EL34's.  Keeping it shiny is part of the fun!

A modified Fisher 400 FM stereo receiver with classy knobs and EL34 output tubes (standing tall behind the output transformers)

Chop suey?  This European SABA 3000 stereo receiver chassis had a multitude of decomposed paper capacitors, now replaced with modern plastic film capacitors (the yellow tubular objects).

The chassis portion of the SABA 3000 Automatic Stereo 11 AM, FM and shortwave console hi-fi -with automatic tuning.  It has a motor that turns the tuning knob for you!  Very swank....

The very fine Marantz 2240 receiver - having suffered physical abuse, this one is a beauty again, thanks to an organ donor

Heathkit AA-91 50 watt amplifiers - no more cold solder joints!

Robust power, the Fisher SA-1000 stereo amp with 8417 output tubes - they don't break a sweat at 90 watts per channel.

Even humble all-American five tubers go under my knife.  This beautiful mid-40's Crosley 56TW includes a shortwave band. 

HH Scott's ultimate heir to their famous model 310, the 4310 broadcast monitor.  Very sensitive and quiet mpx.

Pushbutton perfection, the Revox B285 AM/FM stereo reciever.  No skimping on this 113WPC heavyweight.

X-rated!  The Fi 300B "X chassis" single ended triode stereo amplifier - a shabbily built novelty for the boutique audio pigeon.  A serious redesign was undertaken to rescue this amplifier from the pitifully poor utilization of its 300B triodes.

Another favorite of HH Scott collectors, the 7591A powered model 299D integrated stereo amplifier

Ruggedly built with excellent serviceabilitity, the McIntosh MA6100 solid state integrated stereo amplifier should still be playing on at age 100

Full of goodies, the extremely sensitive and transparent 110 wpc Onkyo TX-906 home theater receiver.

This fine early production Fisher 500C, sporting big bottle EH- 7591A's, was returned to its excellent performance by removal of over a dozen hacker's "improvements."