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First, tell me what equipment you want serviced.  While I will work on practically anything it is important to let a customer know up front what can be done and what is reasonable to do.  What is the physical condition of the equipment?  Rusty and dusty or pristine as if new out of the box?  Never repaired before or a frequent hospital patient in the past?  The unfortunate victim of a hacker?

Whether a simple repair or a complete restoration is called for the amount of labor required can vary widely. To some customers monetary worth is important while to others the cost of returning equipment to top condition is not objectionable.  Be it valued as an investment, for its sonic characteristics, or its technical refinements I want to know what I can best do to satisfy my customer's expectations.

The first thing to do is contact me with full details as you know them. You can e-mail me at audioservice@pacbell.net or you can call me at [phone number withheld for now].