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McIntosh stereo power ampoiifier on the workbenchThe venerable Mac 240 stereo power amplfier undergoing final checkout after repairs

Welcome!  Classical Audio Service is an owner operated small business specializing in the restoration and repair of vintage high fidelity sound equipment.  The discerning collector, music lover, or owner of a long favored audio system, will find the highest quality of service available here.  Covering the vacuum tube era to pre-digital solid state, almost any make and model of amplifier, tuner, receiver or associated component will be fully restored to good as or better than new performance.  Employing precision instruments and attention to detail nothing is left unexamined or undone.  Your valued equipment will be returned to you for many more years of listening pleasure.  For the collector nothing will be done to harm the value of a component, the opposite being the result in most cases.  Quality parts and workmanship assure the best long term endurance for the caring owner's sound equipment.  My goal is to earn my customers' continuing confidence.

My name is Arden Allen.  As a career long electronic technician I have been fortunate to gain the experience and expertise prized by many of my colleagues.  As a music Iover I have always envied those who make music.  Being an audiophile I use my electronic skills to bring music enjoyment to others.

You should know the following about my service:  My company was first established in 1971 and was responsible for providing outstanding service for several years until I returned to working in industry.  Now that I am retired from the workforce I have restarted my business to do what I like best, bring enjoyment to my audiophile friends across the country.

Conviently located in the San Francisco Bay area in Vallejo:  I am a short drive from east and north bay localities.  I also provide full packing and shipping service for equipment to be safely returned to my more distant customers.

At present, my web site is still under construction.  In the meantime I can provide you with information regarding service for your particular audio equipment. Please feel free to contact me with your questions regarding service availability and how to get your equipment to my shop.  You can contact me at audioservice@pacbell.net.


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